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  1. Essentiële gratis software: Ruime 250 freeware programma's

    ... in the same way that spatial microsimulation does. SimCity can be used for teaching urban planning (Gaber, 2007) and illustrates how complex computer simulations of urban systems can become. A number of open-source versions of the SimCity concept are now available (e.g. LinCity-NG, Micropolis and Simutrans).

  2. Paksets

    Simutrans est un jeu de simulation gratuit et open source, disponible sous Windows, BeOS et Linux. Axé sur le transport des biens et des personnes, ce jeu a été écrit par Hansjörg Malthaner. De nouvelles versions sont disponibles très régulièrement. Le jeu est similaire à Transport Tycoon (et donc aussi à OpenTTD).

  3. Crashing with Simutrans game | CoolSoft

    ... Présentez vous ! SimuTrans replied to funnybear's topic in French Discussion. Bonsoir, Je m'appelle Guillaume J'ai 18 ans Je réside dans le Nord de la France (Lille) Je joue pas mal a Euro Truck Simulator 2 (420 heures) Je fait parti de la NT (NicoTravel). June 20, 2015 · 616 replies · All Activity · Home · SimuTrans ...

  4. Debian -- Details of package simutrans-pak128.britain in sid

    Simutrans lets you transport from passengers and mail to raw materials and consumer products through any mean of transportation. Each pakset offers a set of land, air and water vehicles to let you run your business, it can be trucks, buses, trains, trams, airplanes, ships, maglevs, monorails, it does not matter, you have the ...

  5. Frontiers in Gaming Simulation: 44th International Simulation and ...

    3 days ago, Simutrans pak128 german V0 10 3 Folge 96 Deutsch. 3 days ago, Cities:Skylines Let's ...

  6. Simutrans pak64 – Add-ons for Firefox - Firefox Add-ons - Mozilla

    13 févr. 2016 - This package was approved by moderator doc on 2/15/2016. pak64 graphics pakset. Required to run Simutrans. Package issues here: To install Simutrans pak64, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell: C:\> choco ...

  7. SimuTrans - Download

    Simutrans. » Informace ke hře. SAVE - uložené pozice. » Ukázkový SAVE 1 683 kB. » Jak by měly vypadat návaznosti BUSxVLAKxBUS 1327 kB. » Dva ostrovy a MHD... 600 kB. Zpět · © Tomáš Rejdal.

  8. Simutrans — BrewFormulas

    Simutrans Experimental, also known as STExp, is a fork developed by James E. Petts, based on the transport simulation game Simutrans, focused on the development of the Simutrans engine. It includes new special features, which attempt to create a more realistic game.

  9. Simutrans, le Transport Tycoon qu'est pas pour les p'tites bites ...

    4 févr. 2017 - Simutrans has plenty of depth, so initially you'll just be spending loads of time learning exactly what you can do, and how to do it. If you enjoy this type of simulation then it's worth the effort, though - there's a lot of fun to be had here.

  10. Simutrans - Download - CHIP

    Name: simutrans. Description: transportation simulator. Latest version: 120.2.2-2. Release: artful (17.10). Level: base. Repository: universe. Homepage: ...