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  1. tiramisu — Wiktionnaire

    tiramisu \ti.ʁ\ masculin. Dessert à base de lait d'origine italienne et mondialement connu. Il est composé de café, mascarpone, sucre, œufs, boudoirs et de marsala, d'amaretto ou de kalhua. Traductions[modifier]. ±[Enrouler △]. Allemand : Tiramisu (de) neutre; Anglais : tiramisu (en); Arabe : تيراميسو (ar); Asturien ...

  2. Easy 10 Minute Tiramisu - Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking

    18 janv. 2018 - My easy 10 Minute Tiramisu recipe takes all the fuss out of a classic Tiramisu by simplifying the method while delivering you maximum delicious results!

  3. Tiramisu definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Tiramisu definition: an Italian dessert made with sponge soaked in coffee and Marsala , topped with soft... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

  4. Tiramisu au Speculoos Lotus | Lotus

    Le dessert italien classique ? Le tiramisu, bien sûr ! Mais avez-vous déjà goûté la variante belge ? Son arme secrète : les biscuits Speculoos Lotus ! Pas plus difficile à réaliser, mais tellement délicieux...

  5. The Mysterious Origins of Tiramisu, the Dessert That Took the '80s by ...

    24 oct. 2016 - Tiramisu — that slice of cake or cup layered with mascarpone, sponge cake, savoiardi (also known as ladyfingers, those sponge cake biscuits shaped like thick digits), drizzled with espresso and dusted with cocoa powder — is another story. Unlike sfogliatelle or the cannoli, tiramisu doesn't fall among the ...

  6. Tiramisu - Taste

    A liqueur dessert is a sure way to warm up this winter and this classic tiramisu is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

  7. Le Tiramisu à Vésenaz - Adresse & horaires d'ouverture sur

    Retrouvez l'adresse, le numéro de téléphone ainsi que les horaires d'ouverture de Le Tiramisu à Vésenaz. Toutes les informations importantes!

  8. Tiramisu Chocolates from Hotel Chocolat

    The coffee-cream-chocolate dessert, seen through a chocolatier's lens. Discover delicious coffee chocolates at Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat Hotel Chocolat.

  9. Tiramisu Cheesecake Recipe by Tasty

    Dip the ladyfingers in coffee. In two spring form pans lined with parchment paper, layer the coffee-dipped lady fingers in a single layer. Freeze until the ladyfingers are frozen. In a bowl, add the cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and vanilla extract. Stir to combine. Add the milk, sugar, and gelatin to a bowl and whisk until ...

  10. Tiramisu | Recipes | Delia Online

    Tiramisu. There isn't a classic recipe for tiramisu as such, as there are many varying versions both in Italy and around the world, but the following one is, I think, the nicest I've come across. For lovers of strong coffee, dark chocolate and the rich creaminess of mascarpone it is one of the nicest, easiest and most popular ...

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